Paradise Walk in showers

Accessible Showers for Safer and More Independent Bathing

Our accessible showers are designed to provide you with a safer, easier, and more enjoyable bathing experience. With features such as low thresholds, non-slip surfaces, built-in seating, and grab bars, our showers are tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your bathroom's accessibility or simply want to upgrade your bathing experience, we've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more and start designing your perfect bathroom.

Accessible Showers That Fit Your Budget and Your Needs

We understand that the cost of home renovations can quickly add up, and that's why we strive to keep our prices as low as possible. Our accessible showers are designed to meet your unique needs and provide the ultimate accessibility, without sacrificing quality or affordability. We offer a range of features, including low thresholds, non-slip surfaces, built-in seating, and grab bars, to ensure that your shower is safe and easy to use.
women opening the door of her inward swinging walk in bathtub.
Looking at the hand held shower wand for one-of-a-kind walk in tub.
Women sitting in her walk in bath tub.
Hydrotherapy Jets and inward swinging door of the Paradise Tub.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with the Timeless Style of Paradise Walk-In Showers

With Paradise, you can turn a boring bathroom into an extraordinary bathroom. Updating the tub or shower area of a bathroom can have a big impact on the overall look of the room. And, combining a Paradise shower base with Paradise walls offers a seamless and cohesive natural stone look.


Our showers cost significantly less than natural stone, and often much less than other bathroom remodeling products.


Our showers can be installed quickly and easily over a variety of substrate materials, allowing skilled installers to transform a bathroom in as little as one day.


With full-wall panels and no grout lines, our showers are extremely easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime of use.


Our showers can easily be adapted to bathrooms of all configurations, from clean and simple to one-of-a-kind designs, thanks to the ease of on-site customization.


Unlike natural stone or grout, our showers are non-porous and completely impervious to water, bacteria, mold, and mildew, and requires no sealants.


With an adapting selection based on contemporary design trends, our showers are available in a wide variety of stone patterns, offering a large selection of colors and tones to choose from.


Our shower products installed by approved dealers are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

ADA Compliant Accessories for a Safer and More Accessible Bathroom

At Paradise WalkIn Tubs, we're committed to providing our customers with safe and accessible bathroom solutions. That's why we offer a range of ADA compliant accessories that can be added to your shower or tub installation. From foldable shower benches to safety bars and ADA compliant toilets, we have everything you need to create a bathroom that meets your unique needs.
Folding shower chair by Paradise Walk-in Tubs.
Tall wheelchair accessible toilet replaced by Paradise Tubs.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with an ADA Compliant Toilet

At Paradise WalkIn Tubs, we're committed to helping you achieve the most accessible bathroom possible. When you get a shower, tub, or both installed with Paradise WalkIn Tubs, we'll include an ADA compliant toilet as part of our commitment to making your bathroom as accessible and safe as possible. With features like a taller height, wider bowl, grab bars, and non-slip surfaces, our toilets are designed to provide extra support and comfort for individuals with mobility issues.

ADA Compliant Toilet
The #1 Walk-In Tub
A newly installed Paradise Walk in tub
Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Compatible Showers for Ultimate Accessibility

We offer a range of features to make our showers wheelchair compatible, including low thresholds, non-slip surfaces, and built-in seating. Our showers are also spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair, so you can move around with ease. Additionally, our team can install grab bars and other accessories to provide extra support and stability.

By choosing a wheelchair compatible shower from Paradise WalkIn Tubs, you'll gain the confidence and independence to live life on your terms. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the most accessible bathroom possible, and we'll work with you every step of the way to make that a reality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start designing your safer, more accessible bathroom.

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